Speak Saturdays: What Made You Smile This Week?

While scrolling social media this week, I came across a post where the question was asked “What made you smile this week?”

I like the question because it places you in a place of gratitude and self reflection. We often grip about how our week is going. We tend to focus on the negative. But it is good practice to focus on the positive.

So what made me smile this week? Seeing my extended family on my father’s side. Now, I wasn’t up for the drive home this weekend because there is always construction on I-40 but I am so grateful I pushed through.

Being together took us back to summers growing up in Rising Sun. Oh the memories that were shared oven a plate of catfish with mustard and hot sauce (it’s a Mississippi Delta thing).

Take a moment today and ask yourself “What made me smile this week?”

Happy Saturday!


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