What’s Happening Wednesday: Pandemic Learning Loss

Last weekend, I attended a virtual discussion on yet another effect of the pandemic: Learning Loss.

Learning loss is not a new idea. Teachers will tell you that some learning loss occurs every summer, as children get out of the daily practices of reading and writing. The first few weeks after summer vacation are usually filled with setting expectations, and reviewing things that the students already learned.

Classroom etiquette has to be reintroduced as well, including proper attire and hygiene. I know my kids aren’t the only ones rolling out of bed and turning on their computers. Zoom allows you to turn off your camera and mute yourself. You don’t have that option outside of the virtual classroom.

I imagine there will be plenty of learning loss in all of our institutions, including our churches. It’s been a long time since we gathered together in the sanctuary. There are some things, we might have to review when we return to the sanctuary. There will be new customs and habits to learn.

As Covid protocols relax, more and more churches are starting to open their doors for public worship. Some churches will ask you to register before you attend services, so they can set up for the correct number of people. The number of songs we sing might change. I hope with all of my heart, that we’ll cut out the meet and greet portions of our services, and that the pastor never again asks us to turn to our neighbor.

But there will be some things that we should already know that our church leaders might need to remind us of:

  1. God has been good to us even, in this pandemic.
  2. Salvation is free. Ministry costs.
  3. There is room at the cross for you.

If you’ve forgotten any of this, that’s okay. We expected some learning loss, but there are ministers of the gospel stationed throughout the sanctuary, and all over the world to remind you.

Welcome back.

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