Pursuing Improved Relationships? HAVE A VISION!

A friend of mine posted this on FB recently:

Ladies: What are 5 things men need to do to KEEP a woman?

There were some amazing responses that spoke to effective communication, understanding how his woman needs to be loved, and the man knowing and understanding (& regularly cleaning 😳) himself. BUT the one that spoke to me was:

HAVE A VISION (You can’t lead if you don’t know where you’re going.)

I know the Bible talks about having a vision and making it plain. And there are quotes that talk about a vision with no plan is daydreaming. I have spent much of my independent, black woman adult life figuring out MY vision for my life. I know the man should lead and I have no problem following, BUT I can honestly say that my current relationship is THE FIRST TIME I HAVE TRULY EXPERIENCED A MAN WITH A VISION FOR US. This man thinks through what he wants our future to look like and his actions point towards steps to accomplish the plan.

He leads. I follow. I have no problem following because he has a plan. I have learned not to “nag” him about various things, but I do have to ask questions occasionally in order for him to effectively communicate parts of the plan to me. In those moments, we discuss the pieces and decide what will work best for us as a unit.

This is the type of adulting that I have heard so much about, but had no idea what it meant or looked like in application.

I’m thankful for this man and his vision.


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