A Moment Of Truth About Being An Artist

I’m nearly a third of the way through my VEDA challenge and I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned so far about making videos every single day.


Seriously, the more I give myself over to the act of creating these moving pictures the more I feel grounded in myself. It’s feels a little like that moment when you’re learning to ride your bike for the first time without trainers and you hit that glide and you know your life just changed for the better.

At the start of this journey, I honestly wasn’t sure I could do this, I mean, the editing alone for these videos could consume days if so let it. But a few things have made it much easier from the start.

1. I brainstormed a lot of video theme ideas in March and wrote the titles out in a spreadsheet so that I could pull from that idea bank if necessary.

2. I allowed myself to be open to unexpected daily inspiration.

3. I did not adopt a single style or type of video to make every day. This one has really helped my creative process.

4. I sent my inner perfectionist on vacation. She’s not the one I need in a daily video challenge because mistakes happen and I can’t let them throw me off the larger goal.

5. The earlier I start working on and post the day’s video, the better. Stuff can happen during the day and get in the way of doing a video. So far, I haven’t been close to missing a posting 🙌🏾

One thing I wasn’t expecting happened in Day 8 when I saw a glimpse of the Filmmaker I am striving to become.

The emotions that had their way with me during the making of this short film really wore me out. I lived the experience of walking through that revisiting of 1968. Now I really know I’m making things that I want to see.

I am resolved to keep going. Eventually, I truly believe the right people will see what I see and will embrace the experiences of the stories I work to amplify. I choose to focus on the work and not the numbers. I will build this foundation so that those who will may come and hear these stories.

Marta C. Youngblood is the founder and creative engine behind TheWRITEaddiction creatives co-op founded in 2014 as a virtual community supporting writers from all over the United States of America. Marta’s passion drives her to support the success of creatives from all walks of life to honor their talent and share it with the world.
She believes that working in our creative callings does not have to be synonymous with being a “starving artist” and helps creatives master the business skills and strategies they need to work in their gifts.

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