Pursuit of a Healthy Life

I just finished a rather large plate of peach cobbler with a side of vanilla ice cream in the middle of the day. I needed a boost of energy, but I know I could’ve made a better choice. Today has been one of those days where I have no taste for anything and no plans for when I would eat as I worked the day away.

A Healthy Life.

I’ve been pursuing a healthier lifestyle for a few years now. I have moments when I workout daily and some weeks where restorative yoga (laying down in savasana – or corpse pose) is my only workout of the week. But I have been consistent for the most part for the last 10 years. It all started when I entered a Saluki Healthiest Loser challenge back in graduate school. I met this awesome personal trainer and it turned my life around. Although I was pretty active in extracurricular sports-related activities in high school and college, I never really learned how to lift weights for real for real or even put together my own workout plan. However, my grad school trainer was amazing at teaching me functional strength movements and really kicked off my fitness journey.

From that experience, I got the courage to do my first 5K in spring 2011. From there I upgraded to a 10K and then found a community of women who “peer pressured” me into pursuing half marathons and even one FULL MARATHON. I was done after those 26.2 miles and haven’t really been much into long distance jogging since.

These days the fitness part of my healthy life include me “running” shoes and me outside walking (and not speed walking either lol), my indoor spin bike and those extra hype classes (y’all know what company I’m talking about), my yoga mat and various asanas or stretches, and our weights at home for strength work. I even have a yoga swing, TRX bands, and various other gadgets to help me stay in shape. Now to only use these things as often as possible!!

What are you doing in your fitness life to stay healthy?


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