It’s VEDA Challenge Time!

Y’all, I have lost my entire mind and I’m okay with that! This year marks my first acceptance of the VEDA Challenge. What is VEDA? I’m so glad you asked. Depending on who you’re talking to it is either:




That’s right, I am creating and posting video/vlogs EVERY SINGLE DAY this month. Here’s the thing…I’m loving it!

I think when I first considered the idea what intimidated me most was the idea that I would have to create a certain “kind” of video every day. But then I realized, I already do this just in a different way.

I use Marco Polo daily – videos

I make posts to Instagram daily – many of which are videos

I even get down with TikTok a little bit – lots of fun video effects

and then there are the videos that I make for my two YouTube web series.

If you’d like to check out what I’ve been up to and follow me on my VEDA journey, be sure to hop onto and subscribe. Y’all gon hear my mouth about this subscription thing cause a sista is working to get eligible to monetize her channel so don’t play. If you like what you’re seeing, hit that subscribe button so I can do more of this. Here I’ll make it easy for you and place the links to Videos 1 – 5 right below. Looking forward to seeing you in the comments!

VEDA Day 5 | Starting The Week Off Right (Admin Day)
VEDA Day 4 | The Secret Adventures of Fury and Iyanu (Fan Fiction)
VEDA Day 3 | How It Started And How It’s Going (On YouTube)
VEDA Day 2 | Getting To Know MartaGwyn
VEDA Day 1 | A Day in the Life of MartaGwyn

Marta C. Youngblood is the founder and creative engine behind TheWRITEaddiction creatives co-op founded in 2014 as a virtual community supporting writers from all over the United States of America. Marta’s passion drives her to support the success of creatives from all walks of life to honor their talent and share it with the world.
She believes that working in our creative callings does not have to be synonymous with being a “starving artist” and helps creatives master the business skills and strategies they need to work in their gifts.

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