What’s Happening Wednesday: Note to Self

On this last day of Women’s History Month, I wanted honor a woman whom I sometimes find hard to love, difficult to work with, and whose life is full of contradictions. On today, I’m choosing to honor my self and women who are like me. We are the ones making history right now.

We are sandwiched in between taking care of our children, and our aging parents, leaving little time to take care of ourselves. We show up when we are supposed to show up. We give to those who are in need. We lead book clubs, and prayer groups, and online communities. We feel like cogs in the machine, and we seldom feel like we are making a big difference.

But here’s what I know: If one cog is out of place, the whole machine breaks down. Imagine if Anna, feeling like her time was drawing near skipped out on worship the day Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus walked into the temple. Imagine, the woman at the well deciding she would wait a while before she went to fetch water. She might have never met the man that she proclaimed “told her everything she had ever done.” Imagine if Mary and Martha had not opened so that Lazarus and his friends had a place to hang out? Or what if the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair had decided she was going to stay home that day. Jesus, himself , said the whole world would know what she had done for him.

So here’s what I know, my dear sisters. You are right where God needs you to be. Your story is not over. There are chapters that have been pre-written, that you have just not walked into yet. You are in the middle of making history and you don’t even know it. So keep showing up. Keep trudging along. You are walking into history, one step at a time.

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