Justice for the Unjust?

It’s not lost on me that the trial for the ex-cop who viciously maintained a knee on the neck of George Floyd until all of the life left his body began today during what Christians consider to be Holy Week. With Passover on Sunday and the start of the trial on Monday, I couldn’t help but to reflect on the many innocent bodies that have needlessly shed blood due to police brutality in recent years. It feels like Pharaoh is continuing to order the murder of our bodies and we don’t have any unblemished lambs to drain blood from to protect our families.

Holy Week. This week is supposed to be the time to remember the Great Sacrifice of our Lord. It’s supposed to remind us that JESUS CHRIST was the unblemished lamb who shed His blood once and for all. But honestly, this trial plus the recent voter rights violations in Georgia plus the domestic terrorist events just renews my heart ache.

It’s hard to understand why there are so many evil people around. So many people filled with hate. So many people who identify as Christians filled with hate.

I’m learning to refocus my thoughts this week. To truly reflect on the life of Christ on earth and in what ways I can be a reflect of that. In the midst of so much hurt and pain here on earth, I remember that Jesus came to show Love to people from all different walks of life. I believe in repentance and forgiveness, but I also believe in punishment.

This current trial has me wondering whether we will finally see a level of Justice for such a terribly unjust behavior. Whether the man was a criminal or not, this Good Friday and Easter Sunday should remind all of us that George Floyd deserved a trial. He, like so many of the other innocent, unarmed bodies with no justice, deserved a chance to present his case. A chance to declare innocence or to have a proper punishment instead of being condemned to death.

I hope we finally see some Justice.


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