Fruitful Pursuits: Lessons from Food

There’s nothing like some slight health issues to put you back on track.

I knew better.

Recently we traveled back from visiting family…via car…something like an 8 hour drive, so of course I had cut back on hydration so we wouldn’t have to stop as much. Well, rewind to the previous day and you’d see me pigging out on mom’s Mac ‘n cheese and some turkey hotdogs. Y’all! I haven’t had a hotdog in ages (and now I remember why).

So here’s what happened: fast forward two days and I started have severe cramps on the left side of my body…after freaking out for a moment I began to rational thing about what realistic causes. I realized that I hadn’t “gone” like for real for real in a few days. As a runner (no pun intended) I had taken for grant the regular cycles of my body after my daily workouts. So we tried something from the drugstore and it did nothing so the next day we had to take it old school and grab some prune juice AND prunes…

Let me tell y’all PRUNE JUICE IS THE REAL M.V.P.!!!!

I’m not completely restored, but I’m feeling better than I did. This experience reminded me that what goes in my body is important not just for nutrients to my body and to feed my soul, but also if the waste products don’t actually leave my body properly then it can cause a lot of issues. I was reminded that proper nutrition and hydration is of utmost importance on a daily basis, and that I can’t just go around having food binges on unhealthy stuff.

Anyway, I hope the recount of my painful week helps to steer you in the right direction!


One thought on “Fruitful Pursuits: Lessons from Food

  1. Our body will let us know when it doesn’t like foods from our younger years. Lol. This is one of the reasons I’ve started taking a probiotic every morning. Game changer for sure.

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