Speak Saturdays: Vacay Me Please

This time last year the US thought it was going into lockdown for two weeks. Not knowing said lockdown would last an entire year.

Personally, I had plans to travel in 2020 and do something I normally don’t do…take a real vacation. How does Neikeita define a “real” vacation? It is one where she is truly unplugged from everything.

I was sitting at work yesterday and realized the last time I truly unplugged from all my day to day responsibilities was back in 2016. My goodness that has been too long.

I don’t know why I’ve conditioned myself to take time off in short intervals. Who did I learn that foolishness from? The work will be there when I get back. And if it’s super important someone else can complete it in my absence.

This photo below describes it best. Now, I just need COVID to truly get under control to I can move around again.

Happy Saturday!!


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