Speak Saturdays: Help Me, I’m Confused

Scrolling Al Gore’s internet, I saw the news that Texas was opening up at 100 percent. Now in my world there is a still pandemic going on. Oh let’s not forget Mississippi is following suit. Hearing that news brought me some anger.

Why did it bring me anger? I’m so glad you asked. Many of my family members still live in Mississippi. Covid 19 has touched my inner family. Praise God they came out okay but moments were scary when you received the news that a family member tested positive.

I am thankful that my father, stepmother, stepsister, and cousins are okay but we as a nation are not in a safe place just yet to go back to “normal”.

Our elected leaders have a responsibility to ensure that their community is safe. They must seek sound advice in order to make decisions that benefits everyone.

I understand that everyone is ready for “normal”. I understand no one thought this pandemic would last this long. But we must be smart to ensure that we are all safe.

So Texas and Mississippi, help me with my confusion. Why are we opening up at 100 percent in the middle of a pandemic?

Happy Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Speak Saturdays: Help Me, I’m Confused

  1. And I live in Louisiana…smack dab in the middle of this nonsense πŸ˜” Thankfully I see that a lot of people and businesses are still adhering to a mask policy despite poor leadership!


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