Dr. Stassi’s Fruitful Pursuits

This week ushers in not just the early days of a new month, but some time for me to reflect on who I am…

Fruitful. I ended 2020 reflecting on the horrors of the year, but more importantly the joys and things I got to celebrate despite all of the hard times that we collectively shared. When I was thinking about my focus for 2021, the idea of birthing immediately dropped into my spirit. It wasn’t birthing children as many people may think, although that’s still on my wishlist. But it was about bringing forth some ideas and passions that God had put on the inside of me YEARS AGO. The isolation and stillness of 2020 gave me time to remember some of those ideas that I had forgotten or had been running away from for a while. This thought transitioned to me using FRUITFUL as my word for 2021 in order to constantly remind myself that it’s time to birth the plans that God has for my life one step at a time.

This is a picture of an olive tree
An olive tree represents fruitful. Picture by: Appie Verschoor from Rotterdam, the Netherlands

PURSUITS. I realize that the fruitfulness spans every area of my life. I have to take the time to truly understand in what ways I can focus on kingdom pursuits in everything that I do. How can I use the skills that I’ve learned professionally to advance the kingdom? How about my love for adventure and traveling? Am I positively impacting or contributing to local economies or am I being a tourist drain and taking away resources for people who live in the areas I visit? Oh! And then there’s my fitness and nutrition goals! How can I share the knowledge that I pick up with others?

I am excited to be on this journey of self discovery at such a time as this. I hope you come back and join me as I share these fruitful pursuits with you!

Dr. Stassi

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