Turn up Tuesdays w/Stassi: The Big THAW

I never thought I’d be in southern Louisiana watching icicles and snow melt…but that’s exactly what the end of last week entailed. BUT I’m so thankful that now the sun is shining and it’s warm outside.

This time last week it just felt like the cold was never ending. People of north talked bad about us southerners, but they failed to realize that most of us just aren’t prepared for this kind of cold. I mean the states have limited to no salt/sand or snow plows available to clear the road. Folks around here don’t even have thick blankets or coats. I happen to have snow boots (only the short ones because my tall ones are in mom’s attic) and thick coats because of my Illinois grad school experience.

Weather – Feb 23, 2021

Today was beautiful! I’m overjoyed by the warmth and sunshine 🌞 because it was just gray and dreary last week. I need this sunshine to boost my emotions and encourage me to be a lot more productive than I was last week when I spent most of the week curled up on the couch in blankets watching tv.

I’m still praying for the folks who experience so much lost last week whether it was human life or property. Those tragedies are life altering and I sincerely hope that they receive peace and comfort when needed and their physical needs met as well. May God be a blessing to His people.


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