Transformative Thursdays: Immovable

In a world where people jump ship at the drop of a dime, try the latest trend, change jobs because they can and the list goes on, it can be difficult to be immovable. Staying planted and serving your purpose is often not attractive. But we will give an account to the Lord at the end of days as to what we did with what He gave us. Did we stay on track and fulfill our purpose? 

Assignments and seasons change but our unique purpose remains the same. Being able to stay the course, remain focused and run our race are exceptional qualities we must possess if we want to be fulfilled. Running from one thing to the next without permission to do so, is a waste of our valuable time and energy. 

What is your race?

What distractions are pulling you away?

Where is your finish line? 

Coletta is a speaker, writer, life strategist and business executive who is passionate about helping others get unstuck. She has written 7 books and hosts a weekly beyond stuck podcast. 

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