Transformative Thursdays: 3 Things that Will Derail Your Purpose

God created you with everything you need to thrive and succeed in life. In Genesis 3, we find tools the enemy uses to work against us. He plants seeds of distraction, denial & deception to get us off course from fulfilling the path of purpose. 

Distraction (Gen. 3:1-Did God really say you couldn’t have that?) comes in the form of getting you to think of things that you don’t need. The seed is planted to believe what you have is not good enough or that you are lacking something you need to fulfill your purpose. 

Doubt then creeps in (Gen. 3:4-You won’t really die.) and causes you to question your purpose and the plans that are in your heart. You begin to think that maybe you have missed it or that you’re on the wrong path. 

Finally, deception is born (Gen. 3:5- God knows this particular fruit will make you like Him.) and you begin to reason or justify why you shouldn’t fulfill your purpose or do what God has called you to do. Your heart becomes hardened to your mission and you become complacent and content to settle for where you are. 

Conversely, if you recognize the enemy for who he is and can see his tools of distraction, doubt and deception, you can stay on track and achieve your purpose. You have everything inside of you to thrive. When you feel unworthy, less than, or stuck, look back and see if the enemy has crept in and planted seeds in your heart. You can uproot them and refocus knowing that God is with you! 

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is a speaker, writer, life strategist and business executive who is passionate about helping others get unstuck. She has written 7 books and hosts a weekly beyond stuck podcast. 

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