Serenity Sunday: May Nothing Go to Waste

The first steps of becoming a good steward of my kitchen is to stock up on groceries and plan every meal out for the week. This level of forethought allows me to re-purpose food and ingredients so that everything is used before its freshness window expires… strawberries, milk, sour cream— residual rice, cornbread, and pasta… if I can plan it and see it through just right, nothing goes to waste, and I feel like a proficient Proverbs 31 woman. When it comes to feeding my family, maximizing meals and snacks matters.

Last week required pronounced physical, mental and emotional stamina. Needless to say, my family ate out a lot; but even the takeout food got maximum usage.

I believe God strategizes similarly. Believers know that nothing in our lives, goes to waste. Even the things that weren’t God-sent, can still be God-used.

I think of the insurmountable sorrows and losses… 

the loss of treasures in our community, 

the loss of safety due to injustice and insurrection, 

the loss of embrace, touch, and kiss,  

of normalcy.  

More than a million people have died from COVID…       

How relieving it is to know that what happens on earth doesn’t happen in Heaven. How awesome is it that we can still be called to do great things amidst our adversity and grief. How courageous we are to love people knowing that they/we won’t live forever. How brave we are to make memories— to bond over food, music, and laughter.

What if each day, we handled one another fully aware of the reality that tomorrow isn’t promised. What if today, I made a way for your joy or justice. What if my secret recipe could provide a better situation for you— one that leads to equality or serenity. What if I said to you, “you deserve it,” because I know I am not worthy of you— just as I am not worthy of Heaven.

Wouldn’t that just be… sweet?

Clinnesha is a wife, mom, daughter/sister/auntie, literary artist, humanities scholar, and social entrepreneur. Her advocacy work is at the intersection of black/feminist thought, arts, culture, and community.

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