What’s Happening Wednesday: Time to Process

It’s been a week since the US Capitol was overrun with terrorists, insurrectionists, and seditionists. To call them anything less is dishonest.

They did illegal things, like destruction of government property. They did disgusting things like defecating in hallways. They did deplorable things like erecting gallows. And the entire nation watched in amazement and horror.

It’s been seven whole days, and we are still learning about all that took place. Every new development seems more frightening than the last. And that’s not the worst of it.

The FBI is warning that all 50 states should be prepared for similar action on Inauguration Day, just 8 days from today.

I want to grieve for the state of our nation. A house divided against itself cannot stand, and I’ve never seen a more divided house. But our never ending news cycle doesn’t give us the time we need to process what we’ve heard. It just goes right in to the next news story.

That’s how many people read their Bibles. They get on Bible plans that allow you to read the whole thing in a year. We read five minute devotionals and think we are ready to start our day. Or my personal favorite, we get a Bible calendar with a verse a day on it.

Don’t get me wrong. Any time in the Word is worth it. But there are some things in there we just need time to process. There are passages we need to pray over. There are sermons we need to sit with. There are chapters we need to chew on.

My prayer for all of us today, is that we take the necessary time to process all that is happening in the world. Then we take just a few extra minutes to process what the Word is saying to us in this moment. I can guarantee there is more to the story than what we’ve already seen.

Mama Radford

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