Speak Saturdays: Take the Compliment

One thing I struggle with is taking a compliment. I don’t why I am this way. But I know, I will deflect a compliment in a quick second.

I was having a serious / silly conversation with one of my friends. I was giving her the update about me getting the COVID vaccine since I am a Healthcare worker. In said conversation, she asked her if I could get her on the list as well. My silly response was sure then I followed up with you know I don’t have that type of power.

Her response to me knocked me off my rocker. She said “Can you just be great for a moment?” We both know I couldn’t get her name on a list but she wanted me to stop and see for a second that I am still held in high regards.

I need to learn to say “Thank You”. I need to learn that I do bring value to the table.

Lesson for the week…take the compliment.

Happy Saturday!


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