Transformative Thursdays: It’s Time to Live!

Many of us spend time waiting for the perfect season to do this or that. 

“I’ll go on vacation when I…”

“I’ll go back to school when this happens…”

“I’ll start investing when…”

“I’ll start exercising when this…”

“I’ll get married after…”

We’re waiting on the perfect moment to live our dreams. But there is no perfect moment. We are only guaranteed the present moment. Five years may never come. Twenty years may never come. And we’ll find that opportunities have passed us by. We have missed out on living our best lives. 

What if you shifted your focus today to living like there is no tomorrow? What if you pursued goals and dreams as if five years isn’t promised? How would your life change?

What perfect moment are you waiting in? Have you settled for where you are? Are you stuck in routines and traditions that are getting you no where? 

What change are you committed to making today? It can be a small step. What do you have within your power at this moment to change your life? Focus on that thing and get busy! Watch God work through you to live the life you were created to live.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, speaker, life coach & business executive who is passionate about helping others get unstuck. Her latest book,”Every Day Forward: 365 Inspirational Reflections” is available here:  Connect with Coletta at

One thought on “Transformative Thursdays: It’s Time to Live!

  1. Good morning cousin, you are absolutely right you are such an encouragement to me🥰.
    After living in our home for almost 30 years, we agree it was time for some upgrades, we agreed to remodel the basement, he’s a wait type of person, I’m a let’s get it done type of person… he agreed, get estimates, well we had to waterproof first, then the big project. Project completed, he’s happier than I am…Get it done, do whatever it is you want to do… Pray first,.
    Btw, you know you didn’t have to, thanks for the lovely card.
    And… I gave copies of “ Unstuck” to our Titus II Group. Sending you the video of our project. Have a blessed Christmas Holiday, be safe🥰


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