What’s Happening Wednesday: Enough is Enough

It has been my tradition to attend church services on Thanksgiving Morning. I usually leave something cooking in the oven, and I head off to one church or another to offer up thankgiving, hours before we carve the turkey.

Years ago, I attended a service at my mother’s church, and Rev. Dr. Wallace Hartsfield II preached a sermon called “The Blessings of Enough.” I was a fan of the good reverend, and had the presence of mind to record the service.

Dr. Hartsfield used the text Proverbs 30:7-9. This text and that sermon blesses me, even today. I think about all the time God has provided me exactly enough. We all know that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could imagine. Those times stick out in our minds. But what about all those times God provided just enough?

Just enough money to pay for the groceries, Lord I thank you. Just enough gas to get me to the station, God, I am grateful. Just enough strength to get through the day.

This Thanksgiving, I won’t be going to a church service, but two of my favorite churches are having a joint service online. That’s good enough for me. I probably won’t get to see my mom or my siblings. But my husband and my children are all safe and accounted for, and that is enough. Our Thanksgiving spread might not look like it usually does, but we will all get enough to eat.

As we are all trying to navigate the space between more and less, I pray that we realize the blessings of where we are right now.

Here’s a version of the sermon if you want to hear it.

Here’s a song we all need to hear.

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