Speak Saturdays: What A Name

I was scrolling Al Gore’s internet and ran across this post that you see above and immediately got tickled. I can remember growing up no one called me by my government name. I think some family members didn’t know my real name until I graduated from college.

It’s so funny how nicknames evolve especially in the Black community. As I take a moment to reflect, I realize I have several of nicknames myself that have formulated over the years. And the funny part is…I answer to all of them. To me its a term of endearment given to me by the person who came of with it.

So here we go! Below are some of my nicknames:

  • Shay Shay
  • Shay
  • Big Shay
  • Ally Cat
  • Muffin
  • Sip
  • Keita Boo
  • Mitchi
  • Kiki

Does your family or friends call you something else beside your government name?

Happy Saturday!


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