Transformative Thursdays: Labor Pains

I’ve been blessed to give birth to three wonderful children. But the birthing process of labor was not fun or comfortable. Contractions. Stretching. Pressure. Waiting. Pain. Discomfort. Fatigue. Blood. Sweat. Tears.

But at the end of the 10 hour, 3 hour & 4 hour process, babies were born! 

Looking back, if I think hard enough I can still remember the emotions and thoughts. But I rarely dwell on that because the babies (who are now 15, 12 & 6) have been a far greater joy. 

Many of us have birthed books, businesses, projects, and churches to name a few. The discomfort and pain of labor and the eventual birth is very real. But imagine the beauty and blessing of birthing what’s inside you!  I encourage you to keep going.

Don’t abort or abandon the process. Don’t entertain the idea of quitting. Follow the plan. 

Don’t give birth prematurely. Use the pregnancy as a time to prepare, grow & develop. Give your “baby” all the love and support it needs. 

When it’s time, push like a mad person. Do whatever it takes to bare down and birth the baby. Push through the pressure. 

I pray that wherever you find yourself at this moment, that you follow the process and birth everything that’s inside of you! 

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