Turn Up Tuesdays w/Stassi: I am Woman. A binary frustration.

Am I the only woman who immediately gets annoyed when seeing statuses, posts, comments that refer to females in place of appropriately saying women? I immediately turn off or stop reading. My eyes and mind just can’t seem to go beyond it.

For me, seeing “females” feels derogatory. Or just a simply misuse of words. I am well aware that the dictionary changes words and meaning based on popular opinion and so we honestly can’t really rely on it for any consistency at this point. However, to me, female and male will continue to be adjectives that describe the noun of topic whether that’s friends, coworkers, humans, or dogs…let me say that again.


Yeah, I said it. I hate to see it used as a noun. It’s like “females” is the new politically correct way to say “b^$*&@$” or “h*&$.” Ok maybe it’s just me, but I am still annoyed. I am a woman. When I am referring to a group of female humans, I refer to them as women not females. My female friends are women. I don’t hang out with females, I hang out with women.

Am I missing something? or Am I right to cringe everytime I see females used as a noun?


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