Speak Saturdays: Parenting is Hard

Disclaimer: No, I do not have any children of my own but continue to read below to see why my blog has this title today.

As I was driving home from work, I get a call from my dad. He didn’t sound like himself. I asked him if he had a cold because he sounded so congested. He tells me no that he just tested positive for COVID (and his wife did too).

My heart immediately stop and I was trying to figure out how I would get to Mississippi to put my eyes on him. Now, I know that wasn’t a wise choice (thank God for friends that talk some sense into me) but in my mind I had to make sure he was okay.

My dad has never been one to get sick. He has the type of energy that I am jealous of. So to hear him sound so weak was new to me. As we all know, COVID has claimed the lives of so many and there is still so much we don’t know about this virus.

My dad started to sound like his normal self a few days later. He was compliant and took all the medication prescribed to him. And this is where parenting got hard. In a role reversal that I’m sure many adult children have been in, I had to gently scold my dad because he thought he could leave the house.

Tough love had to come into play during our conversation. It’s always feels weird when I become the voice of reason when talking to my parents but hey someone has to do it.

Have you ever had to set your parents straight? How do they receive your tough love? How often do you have to parent your parents?

While my dad was super quiet on the phone, I am happy to report he is staying in the house until he get a negative result. There is nothing going on outside anyway that he needs to see 🤣🤣.

Happy Saturday!


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