What’s Happening Wednesday: Happy Veteran’s Day

It’s Veteran’s Day.

Both my grandfathers served in the military. My father fought in Vietnam. My older brother was in the 101St Airborne Division. My husband was in the Navy. My family is no stranger to service.

With service, also comes sacrifice. You cannot serve without losing a few things on the way. The men who served in my family rarely talk about the things they lost, only about the things they gained. But the things they lost are equally as important. What they were willing to give bears as much weight as the things they got in exchange.

As a Christian, service is a requirement. We are to serve God and our fellow man. There is a reason we attend “worship services”. We are supposed to both worship and serve. That was a hard lesson for me in my young adult life. I didn’t mind attending church, but I balked every time I was asked to do something. Honestly, it’s something I still struggle with today.

I do not compare my faith walk with those who served in the military. As of yet, I have not been called to risk life or limb in response to the gospel. The minor inconveniences I experience are nothing in comparison to the sacrifices of men and women who choose military service.

I am grateful for their willingness to give of themselves. My only hope is to mirror that in a minuscule way, as evidence of my faith. Romans12:1 says that is a reasonable response to what I have been given.

To those who have served , we honor you. To those who are serving, we thank you. And to those who will serve, we are praying for you. Your service and sacrifice are never in vain.

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