What’s Happening Wednesday

It’s the day after the election here in the United States, and I have good news to report. We all survived Election night. The campaign ads will stop for now, and prayerfully we can all go back to our regularly scheduled programs.

I don’t know who won the presidential election, except that I am sure that a white man in his seventies will take the oath of office in January. He will put his hand on a Bible and swear to defend the U.S Constitution. In normal times, there would be a parade and parties, but during a pandemic, that’s probably not advisable.

There will be protests no matter who won. There will be contested results. There will be people whose hearts are broken. There will be people who will be afraid. They won’t know where to turn for help. So basically, not much has changed since yesterday.

Four years ago, I wrote a blog about overcoming Election Day trauma. You can read it here. It’s all still true.


I revisited the story of Rehoboam and Jeroboam this morning during my devotional time and I saw something else. Rehoboam rejected the wisdom of the elders, and instead chose to listen to the folly of his friends. Beware of leaders who live in echo chambers and amen corners. Every leader ought to have people who are willing to challenge, and dare I say, even disagree with him or her.

I have yet to find any leader, political or religious, with whom I agreed 100% of the time. I have yet to find any leader that I’m willing to follow off a cliff. And every leader I have ever followed has known when, where, why and how I disagreed with them. I consider it a sacred duty. Now, I honestly didn’t always go about delivering said truth in the best way. I’m still working on that part.😆

If you are a leader, I urge you to seek out, as one presidential scholar called it, “a team of rivals”. Listen to those who oppose you. They might have good reason. Hear and heed their concerns. Cherish those who would dare to challenge you. They are gifts to your ministry.

Truth is always prophetic, no matter who delivers it. Whoever wins the White House, it is my prayer that the Truth prevails.

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