Transformative Thursdays: Falling Leaves

There’s a large tree in my front yard that has beautiful, bright reddish orange leaves. I stood there and watched the wind blow the leaves off the tree. The tree has become surrounded with leaves on the ground. Leaves falling off the trees are a part of a natural process. Have you ever seen a tree that holds its leaves during winter?

In life, we go through seasons including fall seasons where things fall away from us. I believe these seasons can prune us and prepare us for the next thing. Shedding leaves and things we no longer need in life is healthy.  Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to hold on to the dead weight because it becomes comfortable and familiar to us. But it’s difficult to move into the next season if we don’t release the past and shed some leaves. 

The winter season prepares us for spring in which we grow new leaves and receive another level of blessing. Next time you are tempted to hold on to a dead weight or a leaf that needs to fall away, just release it. Let it go and get prepared for the new leaves to come. 
~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is a speaker, life coach, author and executive who is passionate about empowering people with tools to get unstuck. Her book “Beyond Stuck: Creating the Life You Want” is available on Amazon. Coletta also produces a weekly Beyond Stuck podcast at

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