Turn UP Tuesdays w/Stassi: VOTE.

Hi folks! Y’all already know what today is… it’s my ann… yeah no. TODAY IS ELECTION DAY IN OUR COUNTRY!

I was going to post something today that talked about how I do everything except the one thing that I’m supposed to be doing when it’s something that I don’t really want to do… And so I was going to talk about a bunch of stuff other than the elections because I don’t really want to talk about the elections, but maybe this will help that one person who is still deciding if they wanna “risk it all” to go vote today because early or absentee voting just didn’t happen for them and they just can’t see how if they don’t go vote then they actually ARE “risking it all” by not participating in this democratic process and the right that so many of our ancestors DID “risk it all” for us to have the freedom to go do AND I know this is a run on sentence but I needed to get it all out the way it was jumbled up in my head!

Now back to what I am trying to day. The number of antics that a certain group of people have used in the last few weeks alone – suing for votes to not be counted, decreasing the timeline for early voting in some states, intentional open carry near polling places to intimidate votes and NUMEROUS other things – should let you see how important your vote IS AND that it DOES count. Don’t let these people out here let you believe that your vote doesn’t matter. They wouldn’t be doing everything in their power to stop it from counting if it didn’t matter.



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