Turn up Tuesdays w/Stassi: A TEArrific product

It’s been a short while since y’all heard from me, but today I’m here to share a little something to help with the coming change in weather (Or current if it’s already shifted for you).

I drink hot tea. I LOVE hot tea. I’ve never really been a coffee drinker. In grad school I used to study in coffee shops, but I realized it was more about the sugary flavoring added to the coffee to give it a certain taste than it was about the actual coffee. Therefore recently I’ve transitioned and become more fascinated with tea. mostly herbal teas, but my collection also includes green tea and I’m sipping on a chai tea, which has a black tea base, right now.

My tea drinking increased as a way to deal with various conditions without the use of drugs or medicines. I started with raspberry tea to alleviate menstrual related issues, but then I discovered a local handmade tea company while I was back home with my family for a short season a couple of years ago. MEplusTEA (https://www.meplustea.com/) is a black owned tea company based out of Athens, Georgia. They pride themselves on blending handcrafted teas from as many locally sourced ingredients as possible while utilizing sustainable practices including recyclable and biodegradable packaging. I’m not getting paid for highlighting this company. I just really like their products, and I want to expand my tea palate by learning about more tea companies.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Sacred womb is my raspberry tea replacement. This tea has been clutch with handling PMS and menstrual symptoms. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect but I’ll take it.

The detox tea has been one of my morning staples because it contains some green tea and has such a fantastic smell and taste. Sometimes I add honey, most times I don’t. Some of its ingredients are known to be mild laxatives so be careful if you start drinking this one.

My other favorite is the allergy relief tea because my body decides to randomly revolt against me at the most inopportune times. The peppermint in this tea gives me such a soothing relief!

I’m excited about trying other black owned small business tea companies, so drop me some names in the comments and tell me which blends you like!!


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