Go Marta, GO! – AMTRAK Stations in Arkansas (Part 1)

Happy Monday, Y’all! I woke up thinking today would go one way and then it took a hard left. Woke up to workmen running up and down my trees with saws and things, sat down to put a few finishing touches on some video edits and upload my newest episode of Go Marta, GO! to IGTV and schedule the YouTube premiere for tomorrow.

That is until iMovie and IGTV decided to try my patience today.

The amount of calming breathes I’ve taken today to troubleshoot the loading of a 30 minute video could fill the sails of a pirate ship running from her Majesty’s Navy. (Ugh!) However, I persisted and decided that today we’re gonna call it a win that I got the episode posted to YouTube.

Today’s excitement reminded me of a few things:

  • The life of a content creator is never dull.
  • Y’all, free content ain’t really free. It comes out of our hides.
  • Patrons are precious and we artists and creatives love y’all more than you know for supporting us.
New episodes on Mondays and Tuesday on IGTV and YouTube

Please tune in to this week’s episode of Go Marta, GO! – AMTRAK Stations in Arkansas and let me take you inside one of the little talked about features of my state. Remember to LIKE the video, TAP that SUBSCRIBE button and if you REALLY like the content, leave me a comment or two and let me know if there are some places you’d like me to highlight in my future travels.

Marta C. Youngblood is the founder and creative engine behind TheWRITEaddiction creatives co-op founded in 2014 as a virtual community supporting writers from all over the United States of America. Marta’s passion drives her to support the success of creatives from all walks of life to honor their talent and share it with the world. She believes that working in our creative callings does not have to be synonymous with being a “starving artist” and helps creatives master the business skills and strategies they need to work in their gifts.

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