Speak Saturdays: Random Topics

I didn’t really have a topic in mind for today’s blog.  Nothing was on my heart to really talk about today. So I polled Facebook and asked for some suggestions. Because my friends are silly, I decided to talk about each one of their suggestions today.

Live Before COVID

For me, I was working seven days a week before COVID. I was always on the go before thr pandemic slowed us all the way down. Now, I before COVID happened I decided to quick my part time job. I wanted 2020 to be the year where I was socializing again. Going to see friends I haven’t seen in forever.  I wanted explore other volunteer opportunities and strengthen the ones I started in 2019.

I consider myself to be an ambivert. I have moments when I need the noise of others and moments when I don’t. The pandemic has shown me I truly need both to maintain my sanity. At the beginning, the alone time started to take its toll but I am learning how to navigate this space. It’s so funny to see how, before COVID,  we would do things at the drop of hat just to gather with our family and friends.


Who doesn’t love a good donut. This fried piece of goodness is the perfect pick me up in the morning. My favorite donut shop place in Fayetteville is called Donuts Donuts. It reminds me of Shipley Donuts back home. If you are from the deep south then you know all about the goodness of Shipley Donut.

🎂Happy Birthday🎂

Today is my Italian meatball’s birthday. I met my coworker, Tina, while I worked at home health. She is a phenomenal nurse and has no filter whatsoever. I always have the mindset of not going into a job looking to make friends. But I am blessed when I am able to connect with someone outside of the work space. Those are treasured relationships because it shows that you have something more in common with a person than your employment (which is subject to change at any moment). Happy birthday, Tina. Enjoy your next trip around the sun.

Barefoot Contessa

I love watching the Food Network channel. Now, I don’t actually recreate any of the recipes that I watch but I love the hosts personalities and the creative ways they come up with new recipes.

One of my favorite shows is Barefoot Contessa. Ina Garten is this amazing chef that only cooks with the “finest” ingredients. She has such a mellow attitude and you can tell she loves cooking for her friends and family. I especially love the shows where her focus is to cook a good chicken dinner for her husband, Jeffery. If you don’t want the Food Network channel then you should. It is quite relaxing.

Party Planning During COVID

Now this out of my scope but I’ve been impressed with the number ideas people have come up with to celebrate one another during a pandemic.

Birthday parades, small outdoor gatherings, zoom game nights, and decked out ice cream trucks for kiddos.

It has been hard not having big celebrations but I have learned this year that big is not always better. Smaller celebrations allow you to have intimate moments with the people you love most. The small moments will cause you to be intentional in your planning process.

We can still celebrate life successes even in the midst of a pandemic. Just remember to be safe and intentional with your activities.

Thank you for taking time out your Saturday to read my blog. Your support does not go unnoticed.

Happy Saturday!


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