Speak Saturdays: Random Thoughts

One my sister-friends, Shawndra, started a daily posting on Facebook called Random Thoughts. We look forward to it everyday because it can take you down memory lane, make you check your faith, or straight laugh from a good healthy place.

I decided to do the same for today’s blog. So here we go!

  1. Why does it cost $20 whole dollars to rent a movie online? That’s disrespectful.
  2. How has your job said thank you for working doing a global pandemic? We got a t-shirt .I am very grateful to be employed during times like these but…
  3. 2020 is trash. Rest in Peace RBG.
  4. Please go vote on November 3rd. My mental health can’t take four more years of foolishness.
  5. Where has my love of reading gone? I should have so many books completed by now.
  6. Have you tried nail strips? They are awesome. I change my nail color every week.
  7. I miss wearing lipstick. I see no point of putting it on since I wear a mask all day.
  8. People please wear your masks. Yes it has it uncomfortable moments but I’m ready for the pandemic to be over.
  9. I’m over all those social media challenges.
  10. Why does my body hate certain foods now that I am older? The struggle is real and so is the heartburn.

Happy Saturday! What are some your random thoughts? Share them in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “Speak Saturdays: Random Thoughts

  1. 1. I miss going to the nail shop. Trying to learn dip powder process.
    2. When was the last time I finished a book. Can’t remember trying to read Michelle Obama’s book for months
    3. Who normalized random color hair. Some of us cute must be kept done
    4. Why is my hair still natural. It’s a love hate relationship
    5. I’ve worn a wig twice in my life I loved it but won’t buy one
    6. Where is my college days energy.
    7. Why am I so nervous every time I get my hair dyed
    8. Why do I just wear certain pieces of clothing
    9. I used to be really shy around new people
    10. I like doing puzzles just nowhere to put them
    Crystal H.

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    1. #2. The book is great. That’s one I have finished reading.
      #3. I have let my natural hair grow out. Why?
      #5. Never tried a wig. I don’t like my hair touching my ears


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