Speak Saturdays: Grandparents Day

Seems like we have a day for everything now. Donut Day. Coffee Day. Lefthanded Awareness Day.

Tomorrow, September 13th is Grandparents Day. People will make public acknowledgements of their grandparents with pictures and sweet sentiments. I love seeing the posts but I do feel a tinge of envy as well. I lost my grandparents at an early age. I often wonder how life would be in they were around today. I was the grandchild that was attached to my Paw Paw, Granny and Grandma.

Adam “Red” Mitchell

My Paw Paw is pictured above. He passed away when I was eight years from a massive stroke. He was a gentle soul. Hard worker who took care of his family. My grandmother worked because she wanted to not because she had too. I remember on the weekends he would bring me McDonald’s for breakfast. Now, my mom would wake up every Sunday seeing her Dad at the kitchen table. I would get up and open the door for him. I know…been sassy from the start. Although our time together was short the memories are lasting.

My Paw Paw and Granny

The better half of my Paw Paw was none other than Dorothy Lee Jenkins Mitchell. My Granny was a sassy lady. The oldest of 13. Our caretaker. The neighborhood chief. I lost her my junior year of college.

I was my grandmother’s shadow. So much so, that when I go back home now some people don’t realize that I am my Mom’s child. I know…hilarious. My Granny family called her ‘Florida’ and she truly was the glue that kept us together. Her death is something we still haven’t truly healed from. My Granny had no filter. She told you exactly how to she felt. I often wonder what she say about life in the year of 2020. What advice would she give me today? How would she respond to all the changes that has happened in this world?

Florida LOVED hats

I lost my Grandma the same year I lost my Granny. Their deaths were six months apart in 2003. Bessie Inez Nichols was a force to be reckoned with. I tell you Bessie had no filter. Her children and her grands knew this and understood the repercussions of pushing the wrong buttons. My grandma is my no nonsense part of my personality. I try to keep that part in check because I can end up saying some things that would hurt your feelings.

All my summers growing up was spent in Rising Sun in Greenwood, MS with this dynamic woman. I have so many memories and lessons from those summers that I will always treasure. Many of them are quite comical but that’s a blog for another day.

Bessie Inez Nichols

For those of you who have living grandparents, please cherish the moments. Don’t take them lightly.

Happy Saturday!


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