What’s Happening Wednesday:

The weather changed in Kansas City overnight. We went from riding in the car with air conditioning running to having to turn on the heat in a matter of hours. On Monday, we were hanging out, eating barbecue. On Tuesday, it was a good night for soup or stew. My point is that things changed quickly.

Such is life. Your whole world could change in an instant. You could be happily employed one minute, and searching for a new job in the next. Other changes are gradual. Our vision fades, our hair turns gray. Our abs turn to flab.

Change is natural and inevitable, as evidenced in the weather and our bodies. Our job is to adapt to these changes to the best of our ability. It is not always an easy transition.

Think of all the things that have changed in the last six months. In January, how many of us had masks or face coverings in stock? How many travel plans had to be changed or cancelled completely? Who expected “Black Lives Matter” chants to be uttered not just across the nation, but across the globe?

What do you do when things are changing so quickly that you can barely keep up? Well, there’s a hymn for that:

Verse 1
Time is filled with swift transition Naught of earth unmoved can stand Build your hopes on things eternal Hold to God’s unchanging hand.

The Bible says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever more. (Hebrews 13:8)

I know the world we live in now looks different than we thought it would. I know it can seem like nothing is going the way we thinking it should. But there is at least one constant. So when things are getting out of hand for me, I put it in the hands of one who can carry me through it all.

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