Speak Saturdays: Relationship Goals

I’m sure you’ve heard of Pastor Mike Todd and his sermon series on Relationship Goals. He has now turned that series into a #1 best selling book.

A few months back, I stated on Facebook how excited I was to read the book. Immediately, I received a private message from the leader of Women of Worship ministry at my church. She started off the conversation saying the ministry would love the discuss this book. In my reply, I stated that would be awesome and let me know the start date. Her response….”When are you available?”. I was confused in the direction the conversation was going. As it progressed, I realized she wanted me to lead a discussion about Relationship Goals.

To say I was dumbfounded is an understatement. Those internal thoughts started going a mile a minute. How could I, Neikeita, lead a class on relationship goals. I’m single. No kids. Never been married. What can I exactly offer?

The WOW leader was very patient in waiting for my response. As I thought about it, I honestly could not come up with a good reason to tell her no. I am very confident that God place me on her heart for a reason and my job was to be obedient.

Now, I have taught Children’s Church in the past but teaching adults are a different type of beast; at least in my opinion.

Overall, I believe the four week sessions went well. I wanted to create a space where everyone was free to speak honestly without judgment. I also wanted a space where we can truly examine ourselves and ask those tough questions.

Do I know why God laid it on the WOW leader heart for me to be the leader of the class? Absolutely not. I’m sure in time it will be revealed to me.

But I will share a few things I learn during the four week time frame:

  • People are guarded in chuch settings about their own personal shortcomings.
  • The church has done a disservice in teaching women about sex.
  • I do desire to be married but there are still a few things I need to work on.
  • People in church settings think singleness is taboo.
  • Your singleness is a gift.
  • Marriage is a gift but it takes two willing participants to make it work.
  • We have to work on our platonic and romantic relationships with the same amount of vigor.
  • Relationship mentor is a MUST.
  • Enjoy the current season you are in. And learn from other people in their season.

The only drawback was not being able to meet face to face. I like to see people in a teaching setting. Your face will tell me what you are thinking before words come out of your mouth. My prayer is the ministry can revisit the book once church opens back up and truly have some deep intimate conversations about relationships.

I encourage you the read the book. It’s a great read for anyone; married and single.

Happy Saturday!


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