Turn up Tuesdays w/Stassi: What’s your perspective?

I think that we can all agree that 2020 has been a hell of a year thus far and we’re just starting September. There has been SOOOO many different things that have happened this year and we ain’t even in the last quarter yet. You may be feeling out of sorts or even emotional because of everything on top of dealing with COVID-19 concerns, but I ask you – What’s your perspective?

Are you only focusing on the bad things that have happened or are you balancing this by taking time to celebrate each win in your life?

I am a college professor. I have been more or less teaching virtual since the middle of March. This summer was the first time that I have taught a FULL LOAD of courses during a summer semester, which extended essentially right into the beginning of Fall semester. I was thinking about the stress of it all and I had to stop myself to check my perspective.

I am thankful to still have a job. I am thankful that my job duties can be fulfilled from the comforts of my own home. I am thankful for moving into a new place that has a dedicated office space. Since both of us are college professors, we have to negotiate this new office space. His classes are in the mornings so I make sure I am out of the way so that he can fully utilize the space. Thankfully, I have evening classes so we can trade off on the undisturbed, quiet space when either of us are teaching. However, I still do a lot of work during the day when he is teaching so I had to set up a mobile space that could work for me…which led to my reflection on perspective.

My smiling face is what my video camera captures when I have virtual meetings or class with my students and colleagues. They even get a glimpse of my “work shirt” supporting the science teachers association…

However, when you pull the camera back a bit…

It’s a whole entire different perspective. You can see the comfort of my existence working from home. You can see the mess underneath my computer as I try to keep all of the things that I need close by for quick references. But it’s all in how I see things. I look at the headshot of me and see the put together face of a faculty member who is just trying to deliver course content to her students. In contrast to the hard working faculty member who is trying to multitask from a makeshift mobile cart while standing because she’s been working from a seat position for too long and it’s starting to impact her alignment. I can choose to dwell on the lack of a second office, the lack of a second desk, the lack of one of those nice, expensive mobile standing desks, or the need to have a massager, hair scrunchie, and headphones right beside class notes and textbooks. But I choose to live in the headshot perspective where everything looks IS put together and in order. Where there is joy in my work and no pain in my back or legs. Where I am 100% prepared for what this day of virtual work has to throw at me.

My reality is the perspective that I choose to view it from.


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