Speak Saturdays: What A Year

I woke up from on nap on Friday with messages saying Chadwick Bosemam passed away after a four year battle with colon cancer. He chose to keep his disease private. But he kept walking in his purpose despite this huge obstacle. This shows an amazing amount of strength and faith in God.

Such devastating news to hear. Black America has been dealt quite a few blows in 2020.

As you scroll social media, alot of people say we are tired. Is this year over yet? Will the injustices we have endured finally come to an end? I don’t have an answer to any of these questions. But I do know that we, as African Americans, are a resilient group of people who stand on a legacy of faith.

Is it fair we have to endure so much because of who we are? Absolutely not. But what I do know we will come out of this stronger and more glorious because we serve a faithful God.

Let Chadwick Boseman life be an example. Continue to strive for greatness and change in the midst of the struggle.

Be blessed on this Saturday!


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