Transformative Thursdays: It’s The Little Things

Reuniting with an old friend over tea.

Checking out a new park on a lazy Saturday.

Paying for a stranger’s meal.

Listening wholeheartedly to your children on the way home from school.

Getting up 20 minutes earlier to pray and organize your day.

Keeping a journal with successful milestones.

Treating yourself to lunch or a massage.

Counting your blessings daily.

Smelling flowers in a floral shop.

Learning something new.

Complimenting your spouse.

Saving something each month.

In today’s world, it’s easy to lose sight of the little things. We get concerned over planning for the future that we forget to stop and enjoy the present. We think about being able to purchase a car or home for someone in need instead of paying for someone’s meal today. There are so many opportunities each day to be a blessing and to enjoy life.

Fulfillment comes through savoring each moment, learning from life’s lessons, being kind to others and doing what’s in our heart regardless of how small it may seem.

What is one “small thing” you can do today to fully enjoy life?

~Coletta Jones Patterson

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