What’s Happening Wednesday: Blank Canvas

The TV in my bedroom is always on the Bob Ross channel. As a kid, I knew Bob Ross as the white guy with the afro who came on PBS. Who knew there was a whole channel dedicated to him painting “happy little trees”?

I’m not sure how we discovered this channel. We don’t have it on any of our other televisions. But we use it in our bedroom to bore our little ones to sleep.

I never watch Bob Ross to fall asleep. While his voice is calming, I find his artwork so fascinating that I do not close my eyes. I watch him take a literal blank canvas and recreate some of the most beautiful landscapes. I watch him take four colors from his color palette and from those create an entire array. I am amazed at his artistic vision, and how he turns mistakes into “happy little accidents”

I often say we are most like God when we create. He is the original Creator. He literally made something out of nothing in Genesis 1:1. With just His word, He creates worlds. He took an empty void and filled it color. He took dust from the ground and formed every system in our bodies. He is the original creative genius.

When I look at my calendar for the day, I think of the blank canvas of Bob Ross, and the empty void that was the world before God spoke to it. I have the ability to create the kind of day I want. I imagine there will be slip ups along the way, but with the help of the Master, I can turn those into happy little accidents.

What will you do with the blank canvas you were given today?

Mama Radford

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