Speak Saturdays: Black Fathers and Our Heavenly Father

Social media is buzzing with videos and images of amazing black fathers. To the world, this is a new phenomenon. To Black America, this is normal.

I’ve grown up my entire life surrounded by amazing black men who wanted nothing but the best for me. My dad, paw paw, and uncles made sure I didn’t want for anything. They truly set a standard that I fiercely follow today.

One viral video shows a father stunting with his daughter. A mistake was where tears were shed and corrections had to be made. But the father, with profound love, made sure his daughter was okay and ready to try again.

As I watched this video, I couldn’t help but think about our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Despite our tendency not to listen at times, He is still right there waiting for to try again. He is patient with us. He is proud of us. He understands our fear but won’t allow any harm outside His will to come our way. It’s okay to cry. To feel disappointed in ourselves. But we must have the faith the try again and trust that our Heavenly Father will ensure our victory in the end.

We are blessed with an amazing heavenly father who ensure we have great earthly fathers. I hope the video warms your heart like it did mine.

Happy Saturday!


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