Turn up Tuesdays w/Stassi: Pains

Today I went to my physical therapist. When I got home, I was HURTING…actually more than when I went.

Him: Where did you come from?

Me: The physical therapist’s office.

Him: Then why are you still hurting?

Me: 😐🤔

Now, I knew that I would be hurting because the therapist explains all of that to you. All about trigger point therapy and breaking up the knots. Also, the needling and how the insertion points can cause a little soreness. BUT his question and reasonable logic got me thinking…why is it that oftentimes we have to experience more pain to get better? Why do things feel like they get worse before they get better?

Two examples: Some times you have to cut your plants back (prune them) in order for them to grow. Yes, they look bad when you’re cutting them, BUT they grow back with a vengeance exuding such beauty when they’re healthy and full. Oh and how about moving 🥴🥴🥴🥴 I’m in the process of moving RIGHT NOW! Every time, things are a COMPLETE MESS during the process, but once you get everything back into a proper place it’s so much better.

So yeah I know I gotta go through a little more pain before I will start to feel better. But this time in the middle sucks for sure!


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