Speak Saturdays: A Gentle Reminder

Today’s blog was going to be a funny depiction of all my woe is me moments from this past week. I’ve had quite a few incidents that wasn’t working to my favor.

But a Facebook memory popped up that change the trajectory of today’s blog. Facebook Memories is one of my favorite features of the app. Often times something comical comes up that reminds me of fun times. But today I was reminded of a time when I made a big decision in my personal life.

I’ve encountered alot of changes since that day back in 2016. Side note: sometimes me and change don’t get along to well. But this #faithwalk has really opened my eyes to things and shown me so many possibilities that occur if I just take that one step.

Am I where I want to be? No!

Am I where I’m suppose to? At this present moment, yes!

Am I still learning about Neikeita? Absolutely!

This memory made me realize my #faithwalk is a journey to self discovery. It has been made to show the uncomfortable sides of myself and also push me to the next level to my greatness. There are still some answers that I am seeking. There are still some challenges that I need to overcome. But I am grateful for the gentle reminder today to keep pushing.

Happy Saturday!


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