My Thoughts on WAP

WAP was trending on my Facebook timeline on Saturday morning. I didn’t know what it was so I did a good Google search and was immediately accosted by what I can only hope will be the music video of the year. (It is literally the only video I’ve seen all year.)

The internet was abuzz. At least one of my Facebook friends proclaimed the song as her new anthem. I saw some internet pastors giving their commentary. And in general, you either loved it or hated it. I did neither. I appreciated it for what it was.

First you need to know that I am no rap connoisseur. I stopped listening to hip-hop after Cash Money records took over for the 99 and the 2000s. I don’t remember anything after that. In fact, this was my first time hearing Megan say anything. I have seen her name in the blogs and I heard everybody talking about a hot girl summer, but I never got the reference. As for Cardi, I have a couple of her songs in my workout playlist, so I was at least a little familiar with her body of work.

So let’s talk about the video. The spinning lactating fountain was off-putting. But then Cardi and Meg show up with 1990s prom hair and “There’s Some Whores in This house” booming in the background . I love this so much. I was a teenager for most of the 1990s. I definitely had that hair, and more than likely, my hips gyrated to this Frank Ski classic. If you grew up around this time period, I would bet real money that you did, too. (If I were a gambler that is.)

The colorful costumes and different themed rooms seem to be an ode to L’il Kim, a rapper from that same time period, who paved the way for women like Cardi and Megan. The ladies owe a lot to Kim, whose colorful costumes and hair were controversial at the time, but seem like standard issue today. I appreciate their paying homage to the icon.

Cardi and Megan’s dancing is impressive. My body doesn’t necessarily move like that. Granted, I’m a little older than these ladies, and I have birthed a few babies, but if I’m honest I’m not sure my body ever did move like that. They both did splits, across chairs. Meanwhile, I’m wearing a knee brace to walk around my house.

Are the lyrics extra raunchy? Yes, indeed. Do I want to have to explain what WAP means to any one of my three children? Absolutely not. Do I know who in the heck invited that Jenner girl to the party? I most certainly do not. But if I was young, single, and clubbing, would I move a little something, something when this song came on? Sure would.

Let these ladies (and gentlemen) have their fun. I’m pretty sure you had or are still having yours.

Mama Radford

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