Speak Saturdays: Timely Message

My friend circle is small but mighty. On Thursday, one of my friends sent me a You Version clip about anxiety. He had no way of knowing that I’ve been dealing with some anxiety issues for a couple of weeks.

I am an overthinker. I will play every imaginable situations out in my head. Think Dr. Strange in Infinity War.

Sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s a bad thing. On one hand, you are caution which causes you to not to take any decision lightly. On the other hand, you become fearful because you have thought of every wrong thing that could happen.

Here is the clip that my friend shared. It is short but it packs a powerful message.

As we talked about the narrative of the clip. My friend shared this with me. “The visual of the fishing rod was simple, but insightful. We maintain this attachment to those same anxieties that we claimed to hand over to Jesus. A step further, when we’re fishing, we tend to stand in one spot with the expectation of getting something back. I can almost see us using anxiety as bait for bigger troubles. Whew…”

Talk about wanting to take off in full sprint mode with the organ and drums playing in the background.

Sometimes we don’t understand the impact of sharing a good message does for the receiver. Continue to share those moments you have with people. We might not understand why we share but God does and that’s is the most important why.

Hope you received something today from that clip.

Happy Saturday!


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