Perspective on Covid-19

Your coronavirus, media manipulation, and division among political ranks is like a leprechaun on St Pattys Day compared to my demons.

I’ve stared death in the face so many times;  I will not submit easily. I’ve come too far and life is too short.

I’m okay if you think your truth puts you on a higher moral or intellectual ground than me, I simply don’t give a shit and in most cases I simply agree to disagree. (With respect)

I care about health, society, the planet, and the long term success of the country I was born in and I’ll fight for things I believe in.

One of those things is the freedom to express. That includes my views; your views, and anyone.  It’s a dangerous time to see censorship and canceling.

I’ve been canceled (publicly shamed / bullied to ruin my reputation and business) and I’m not afraid to be canceled again.

The god that I believe in sees my intentions, my heart, and my desires. I also know darkness and evil is very real.

My salvation is tied to my faith. I am loyal to a fault to this relationship with my higher power

By the grace of god I wake up tomorrow and try to beat the real competition, the person I was yesterday.

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