Weary (A Month of Moving and Social Dissent)

Some musings during a month of big changes, positive ones mostly, but society in American is more divided than ever.
If I’m weary, it’s of these things:

Fear winning.
People being ugly to each other.
So much talking, little desire to listen.
This god damn pandemic that might be man made. I don’t even want my head space to go there, but signs possibly point there.
This July humidity.

The collective weight of the world is heavy right now.

One can tap into  that as an empath, but we must be closely to not let us affect the direction of the boat we are guiding.

I’m an advocate of the oxygen mask going on us first, focusing on my ship exclusively because if it cracks? Oh boy …

Testing these lights out and hearing the sounds of nature is bringing me peace. This is my happy place.

“Create an environment so comfortable you don’t have to leave,” they say

Mission accepted.

In Norwegian we call this koselig. ♥️

My back yard, home in general, is sacred to me. We get to create and guard the energy we desire and for my own life the last year and a half it has made a big difference.

I’ve got new help hired to ease my work load, a stress fracture that needs more time healing, and a home to just settle into a little more deeply.

#backyard #zen #peace #home #musings #koselig #createyourlife

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