July 13 (Daily Stoic)

July 13th.  This is powerful.

In recovery circles we focus on our own defects of character. (We can’t improve the parts of us we aren’t seeing as an issue)

Self seeking is a devious little thing. It may seem like your do Gooding is a positive attribute, but if it comes with an expectation of some sort of response it’s on the negative character trait side.

Service is a gift.

It’s not easy, but always my intent to know that if I do something kind for you, it has no hidden agenda.

To do good stuff and yet be internally running algorithms of “Hmpt, remember when I helped them? I did xxxx for them, now they won’t help me?”

This is a mindset that is leading to constant resentment.

If you give a gift, if you help someone – just leave it into the ether and move on as if it never happened.

Again, for me, my end goal isn’t material guided, it’s a peaceful state of being. And one thing I’m certain of, there’s no peace that comes from self seeking behavior.

We’ve all got that side of us. We want to do good, but we need something from it.

If we feel it’s some sort of moral duty, then we won’t ever need anything in return for something we believe we already should be doing.

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