What’s Happening Wednesday: Emergency Alert

I happened to be awake this morning at about 3:00am, just in time to hear the Emergency Alert System warning signal. In the distance I could hear a faint rumble of thunder.

An hour later and the thunder was coming quicker and quicker.  I fully expect by the time I’m actually supposed to be awake, the rain will be pouring down.

Why can’t life come with a warning system like that?  Why aren’t there alarm bells that go off when a financial crisis is looming? Or when a loved one is in trouble?Why isn’t there an EAS that told me to prepare for a global pandemic or worldwide protests?

I actually do have an internal warning system.  You can call it intuition. You can call it whoever you like.  I call it the Holy Spirit.  Unlike the weather Emergency Alert System, it doesn’t broadcast for every one in the affected area. just to those of us who subscribe to the service.  Your subscription includes lifetime membership.  With it, you get the emergency alert system, an eternal security plan, and an emergency contact.

The problem with my EAS is that not all of the warnings are audible.    Sometimes, it is something I hear.  Sometimes, it just a feeling in my gut.  Sometimes it’s something I see with my physical eye.  Sometimes, it’s something I sense in my spirit. And sometimes, it’s a combination of all of these.  And even then, I often choose to ignore the alerts.

Sometimes the alert says go in the house, when I want to go outside.  (Like now!)  Sometimes it says, “Go!” When I want to stay.  Don’t ignore your internal EAS.  Listen to the spirit’s promptings and act accordingly.

It’s storming outside, now.  I thank God I knew it was coming.  What’s your EAS telling you, and how will you respond?

Mama Radford


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