FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: Defending The Defender

Kesha Gibson Carter (2)

*”A city councilperson, or alderman, is an elected member of a municipal legislature. He is responsible for representing the needs of his district, or ward, in local government, just as a congressman represents his constituents on the federal level.

Most city council members represent only one district, but there are members at-large, who are elected by all the city’s voters, who will represent the needs of the city as a whole. A city councilperson can expect to work with the municipal budget, shifting tax revenue to the places in the city that need it most. For instance, repairing potholes and street signs are common requests that a council member will seek to fulfill. He also will participate in tax appropriation, creating the budget, imposing the tax and appointing the city manager.

A city councilperson is a tireless advocate for his district. He will respond to constituent requests, like the development of more green space or the improvement of sidewalks. In the event of a natural disaster, he will seek tax revenue to make repairs. In case of criminal activity, he will seek more police for his district. Depending on the scope of a council member’s influence, he may approve zoning laws and other building code issues. Whenever a citizen is concerned about potholes or excessive park litter, the first point of contact is the local council member.”

I have observed that the woman in this picture is so much MORE than that description given above for a Councilperson.  Alderwoman at Large Post 1 Kesha Gibson Carter LOVES HER CITY of Savannah in Georgia, BUT SHE IS CATCHING HELL because she loves her city of Savannah in Georgia.  She pours her heart and soul into every issue that is presented to her.  She LISTENS to the concerns of the constituents and then strives to find SOLUTIONS and RECOMMENDATIONS for those concerns.  She gathers statistical data to support her recommendation and presents facts for comparison and analysis.  She is a thoughtful, analytical, detail oriented person who WILL NOT JUST TAKE SOMEONES’ WORD FOR SOMETHING.  She, just like a good detective, wants “JUST THE FACTS.”

Being new to the Savannah City Council has clearly been difficult for her in that there are so many things to learn.  What makes it even harder is the PUSH BACK that CONSISTENTLY comes MEETING, after MEETING, after MEETING, after MEETING . . . after MEETING.  RIDICULOUS RIGHT?  NOT ACCORDING TO SOME.  Unfortunately there are those who take pleasure in her pain.  They laugh at her frustration.  They sneer  as she reads aloud the concerns  put in writing of those in various districts who contact her instead of the Councilperson in their district.  Why?  I don’t know.  I can only assume,  but then again, assuming is a dangerous thing.  I will simple say what I have seen.  I have seen a woman OVER PREPARED so that she will not disappoint the people who voted for her in her beloved city.  I have seen her go from function to function sometimes to the detriment of her health.  I have see her grimace during meetings as she fights back the tears of disappointment.  Each tear shed for every promise broken over and over and over.  Each tear shed for the families mentioned in each meeting who are living in hotel rooms instead of a home of their own.  Tears shed from the current reality that she many never get anything on the City Council Agenda because the powers that be along with the Cronies and Flunkies don’t want her to succeed.  What these Cronies and Flunkies don’t get or even care about is that as they block her, they block the CITIZENS OF THE CITY OF SAVANNAH that they held up their right hand in January of 2020 and swore to PROTECT and SERVE WITHOUT FEAR, FAVOR, OR AFFECTION.

The juice is strong people. It is overpowering.  What juice you ask?  The GO ALONG TO GET ALONG STATUS QUO JUICE.  It has been served for years but few have been able to resist it because of under the table deals and backroom promises.  Fulfilling campaign donation promises and paying back loans that covered campaign debts.  YES, the GO ALONG TO GET ALONG STATUS QUO JUICE IS STRONG AND IS SERVED BEFORE EVERY SESSION.  How can I tell?  It shows when request to go on the agenda are submitted to the City Manager at the same time of many others and yet the same person is omitted, ignored, excluded, each time.  But there is a day coming.

Yes, I see all of these things and so much more but my words of encouragement.  My expressions of comfort.  My declaration before re-entering the battle is to “remain sted fast and unmovable.  You will NEVER WALK ALONE.

—–Miss Malinda



*Harlow Keith has been involved in the human resources sector since 1998. He founded a human resources training company and has written several published articles.


2 thoughts on “FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: Defending The Defender

  1. My husband, Todd Nemanic and I, voted for Kesha. I even circulated Kesha’s name during her campaign, among some 15,000 animal lovers (of both parties) who were impressed to find out that Kesha was the nice lady who got the pet food grant for the meals on wheels seniors who couldn’t afford to feed their pets (and would share their meal with their pets, preferring to go a little hungry themselves instead of letting their pets go hungry.)

    I’d like to translate your essay into Spanish and invite you to then post this in my Savannah Latino Democrats group.

    I do have one request. Could you include a list of some of the issues that have not been allowed in the City Council agenda?

    Thank you so much for getting the word out.

    ~ Mariela

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    1. I would be honored. I was simply speaking from the heart with the hope that people will see the truth of one with a sincere heart for the people and their concerns. I will check with Alderwoman Gibson Carter to see about a list of those concerns. Please share this with others. Also, take some time to explore the other writers in this group. IT IS AWESOME. I will look forward to hearing from you again. I am on Facebook under Malinda Gwyn Thornton or Malinda Gwyn.


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