Speak Saturdays: Let Me Brag A Bit

No one thought when COVID 19 arrived on the scene that life as we know it would change. Social distancing would become the norm and people would have time on their hands like never before.

For some people, it was an opportunity to rest and reconnect with love ones. For others, it was an opportunity to strengthen their skills or start a new project.

One of my good friends from college used this time to get back to her passion for drawing. Joann has always had a creative eye. She was our “out the box” friend in the crew. Joann is responsible for the logo you now see every Saturday on the WRITEADDICTION.

Below are a few pieces of work that are truly amazing.

Anniversary Portrait
BFF Portrait

Head over to Facebook now and follow Joann business page now. She has what you need for logo designs and self portraits. https://www.facebook.com/jodesigns662/

Happy Saturday and don’t forget to check out episode 8 of Showing Our Sass. https://youtu.be/I_SMY_jtP6k


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